Clean Rooms

DuPont Company
Marshall Lab Site

Mechanical and electrical design for a paint spray testing booth and clean room in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The design had the unusual requirements of controlling the temperature within +/- ½F and relative humidity within +/- ½% while being able to change the temperature by 10F and the relative humidity by 10% within ten minutes.

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

PEC provided the complete MEP+FP engineering & Design for several Clean room projects for W.L. Gore & Associates:

Appleton Central Facility

Clean Room 3: 2,100 sq.ft., 20,500 cfm, 65 air changes/hour
Class 10,000; ISO 7

Clean Room 4: 7,900 sq.ft., 76,000 cfm, 64 air changes/hour
Class 10,000; ISO 7

Clean Room 5: 3,700 sq.ft., 35,500 cfm, 65 air changes/hour
Class 10,000; ISO 7

Elk Mills 1 Facility

Clean Room: 400 sq.ft, 14,000 cfm, 250 air changes/hour
Class 100, ISO 5

Cherry Hill Facility

Clean Room: 2,900 sq.ft., 12,600 cfm, 25 air changes/hour
Class 100,000; ISO 8

Veterans Administration Hospital
Pharmacy Clean Room

Provided a new clean room for the pharmacy group at the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware meeting the requirements of USP 797. Issued by U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP), this regulation governs any pharmacy that prepares “compounded sterile preparations” (CSPs). The project consists of one ISO Class 8 anteroom adjacent to a positive pressure ISO Class 7 non-hazardous cleanroom that leads to a negative pressure ISO Class 7 hazardous cleanroom. The project also includes the construction of a temporary USP 797 non-compliant space for the pharmacy to use during construction of the new USP-797 compliant clean room.

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