Emergency Operation Centers

Delaware’s Transportation Management Center

This new 21,000 SF facility coordinates statewide transportation via the ITMS System. This state-of-the-art Transportation Management Center features a multimedia operations area allowing traffic and transit technicians and dispatchers to conduct real time control of systems throughout the state. The building serves as the hub for over 250 miles of fiber optic, as well as hundreds of miles of copper plant, that tie together among other transportation information; signals, intersection camera monitoring, visual messaging boards, bus and transit information kiosks, road surface and conditions monitoring.

Delaware Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Operations Center

This 28,000 square foot facility, including a 6,000 SF equipment yard programmed to coordinate statewide Emergency Response Operations for Technological and Natural Hazards, serves as the principal command and control nerve center for Delaware’s response to Natural and Technological Events. It features a multi-media operations theater allowing State and Federal Agency representatives to share data on resources while receiving up-to-date weather and live location information via large screen formats from satellite and land line feeds. Aerial mapping combined with resources displays allow agency operators to effectively deploy personnel and materials to affected areas. The response room allows 32 agency representatives such as State Police, National Guard, DelDOT, FEMA, DNREC, Emergency Services, etc., to receive information and allocate resources to coordinate the state’s response in a unified and organized manner. The center features accident assessment planning areas as well as offices for DEMA personnel. A training room serves double duty as a bunkroom during 24-hour activation as well as a computer center cold site for OIS. A collocating tenant in the building is the State Police Communications Computer Center.

This 24-hour a day operation handles all computerized network switching for the state.

Montgomery County, MD
Emergency Communications Center

This 57,000 SF facility brings together police, fire, 911 and EMS into a single high-tech communications facility. The ECC is the hub of the PS2000 mobile data and radio system for the County. This new 800 Megahertz radio communications system will vault the County into an integrated data and voice communication system. The building was designed to accommodate the County’s Transportation Management Center and the Emergency Operations Center, which are both currently located at the Government Center in Rockville, Maryland.

Montgomery County, MD
Emergency Operations Center

A new 10,500 SF facility located at the Emergency Communication facility for Montgomery County, Maryland providing command and control for responders of both Natural and Technological events. The facility is collocated with the Transportation Management Center (TMC) and the Emergency Communications Center (ECC), providing a fully integrated approach to disaster response, mitigation and preparedness.

Montgomery County, MD
Transportation Management Center

A new 10,500 SF Transportation Management Center located at the Emergency Communications Center in Montgomery County, Maryland. Collocated with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Emergency Communication Center (ECC), this facility provides a fully integrated approach to traffic mitigation and incident response whether natural or technological.

Montgomery County, MD
Alternate Emergency Communications Center

The AECC is located in the former ECC facility, which was relocated to a new facility. It serves as a backup location for the primary Emergency Communications Center should the ECC be compromised or rendered inoperable.

University of Delaware
Public Safety Command and 911 Center

40,000 square foot, 3-level building with 350-car open parking garage and 2-story office building. The building included the University of Delaware Public Safety Command 911 Center previously located at the Amstel Avenue facility. The center is the hub for public safety radio dispatch personnel and public safety records data. The center houses the head-end for all campus fire and security calls with recording capabilities. The new center included new electronic equipment racks, command consoles, and video monitors. Included in the center is all head-end equipment for campus CCTV, card access and emergency telephones. The University of Delaware Public Safety Command 911 Center is a back-up for the City of Newark 911 Center and receives all 911 calls in the event of a system failure. The City of Newark backs-up the University in the event of a system failure. The new center is served by redundant air-conditioning systems and fiber optic backbones with reliable electrical power being provided via the University of Delaware’s 12 kV loop and backed-up by an emergency generator and an uninterruptible power supply.

Emergency Operations Center

Paragon Engineering designed the MEP systems of a new 40,000 square foot Emergency Operations Center in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The MEP systems included redundant HVAC systems to serve the Operations Command Center, Data Center, UPS Room, Radio Room and critical support areas. Redundancy was also provided in the chiller system water pumps, boilers, electrical stand-by power, uninterruptible power supplies and telecommunications service.
The facility is designed to be self-sustainable for seven days with domestic water tanks, fire protection water tanks, diesel fuel tanks, etc.
Paragon’s involvement also included design of the communications, security and information technology components as well.

Wilmington Public Safety Building

MEP design for a new 350 KW diesel fired, stand-by generator with ATS, 24 hour fuel system and redundant cooling tower.

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