Commissioning Services

PEC offers commissioning and re-commissioning on all of our projects we design and also as an independent agent.

Commissioning is a systematic process of assuring that building systems perform in accordance with the design intent and the Owner’s operational needs.

Re-commissioning is similar to commissioning, except it is performed on an existing facility that has been operating for a period of time and the performance of the systems have deteriorated.

All systems can be commissioned. Commissioning HVAC systems is always recommended and required for buildings designed in accordance with ASHRAE’s 189.1 standard for Design of High Performance Green Buildings. Complex plumbing and electrical systems should also be commissioned.

The benefits of commissioning are:

  • Smooth and on-schedule transition to Owner acceptance
  • Improves facility personnel training
  • Healthy facility
  • Optimizes energy use
  • Reduces operating cost

PEC provides the custom checklist for each system. Checklist addresses three phases of commissioning:

  • Phase 1: Prefunctional Checklist – Installation and Initial Startup
  • Phase 2: Prefunctional Checklist – Controls and System Operation
  • Phase 3: Functional Testing

Control contractor tests the system operation under Phase 2. During Phase 3, the control contractor demonstrates proper system operation to PEC. When all three phases have been successfully completed, the Owner is trained on the systems.

Final acceptance occurs upon completion of commissioning, training and turnover of all project documentation.

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