Private Schools

CEB Charter Schools

MEP design for the renovations (245,000 Sq. ft.) of the former Bank of America “Bracebridge IV” office building in Wilmington, Delaware to facilitate the new Charter schools.

Delaware Military Academy

Design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems for the new 39,900 SF education classroom facility.

Tatnall School – Performing Arts Center

Complete MEP design and construction administration services for the project. The new 23,420 square-foot performing arts facility included a 470-seat theater constructed adjacent to the Beekley Library. The Operations Department and maintenance garages were relocated to a new building on the southeast side of campus behind the running track.

Sanford Lower School

This project consisted of renovations and additions to the existing lower school housing students from K through 4th grade. Construction on this project was phased to allow occupancy during construction. A new water source heat pump HVAC system with heat recovery and a dedicated outside air unit was installed to address IAQ issues and conserve energy.

Archmere Academy
Student Life Center

Archmere Academy’s Student Life Center is a 16,500 square foot facility that houses student services, administrative staff, a full service kitchen, and over 5000 square feet of dining/meeting space. The facility serves high school students grades nine through twelve.

Archmere Academy
Justin Diny Science Center

The Justin Diny Science Center is an existing three-story building at Archmere Academy that has been fully renovated to house science classrooms with a greenhouse provided on the third floor. Paragon Engineering Corporation provided the HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical for the facility.
The charge was to provide state-of-the-art systems in the framework of the existing structure. This presented many interesting challenges to the design team, because the building was not originally designed for a ducted HVAC system and space for the new systems were not readily available. The installation of the systems was accomplished through close coordination of the design of the different systems.

Archmere Academy
St. Norbert Hall

MEP design for 5,000 SF classroom and guidance area.

Marion T. Academy Charter School

Complete mechanical and electrical engineering design and construction administration services for a new 36,000 square foot charter school.

Moyer Charter School

MEP design for a new Charter School that consists of renovation of two existing building totaling 39,250 square feet .

The Jefferson School
New Academic Building

Provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for a 14,000 square feet new academic building with a multi-purpose space on the Jefferson School campus in Georgetown, Delaware. The design included classrooms, restrooms, teacher workroom and office space, a stage/choral space, and a 6,000 square feet multi-purpose space to be used for assemblies and gymnasium. The school will house 170 teachers and students.

The building is a single-story structure with exposed construction in the classrooms and multi-purpose area. The roof on the building is pitched with a flat area provided for the air handlers. A variable flow refrigerant (VRF) system with a dedicated outside air unit was used for the classroom and office portion of the building. A variable air volume (VAV) packaged rooftop unit was used for the choral and multi-purpose spac

A 20-ton VRF heat pump was located on grade and refrigerant piping routed to air handlers for the classrooms and office space. Each classroom has a dedicated concealed air handler located in an adjoining locker space. Fabric ductwork (like Ductsox) was with an internal support used for air distribution because of the exposed construction and noise. A dedicated outside air unit (DOAS) with heat recovery was located on the flat room area. Ductwork was routed to the return of each classroom unit for fresh air. The offices and work room utilized ceiling cassette air handlers. In these spaces the fresh air was ducted directly to the space. The DOAS unit provides neutral temperature air to the space to avoid upsetting the comfort conditions in the space.

The choral and multi-purpose space is conditioned using a VAV packaged rooftop unit. Two constant flow fan-powered VAV boxes were used for the multi-purpose space. Fabric ductwork (like Ductsox) was with an internal support used for air distribution. The fan-powered VAV boxes were chosen because of the large volume of the multi-purpose space to provide good circulation when the space is occupied. A pressure independent single inlet VAV box was used for the choral/stage space. Variable air volume (VAV) was used to provide the optimum comfort in the space because of the varying occupancy and internal heat loads. The fan-powered VAV boxes were designed with sound attenuators to prevent noise from being transmitted to the stage.

Carbon dioxide monitoring was used to control the amount of outside air provided to the space. The packaged rooftop unit was designed to meet the maximum outside load when the space is occupied during an assembly, but most of the time the number of people will be about 20% of the assembly occupancy.

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