Delaware Air National Guard Aviation Support Facility

Paragon Engineering provided HVAC, plumbing and electrical design for a new 23,256 SF Maintenance Hangar with 25,421 SF of Allied Shops and a new 31,600 SF Unheated Aircraft Storage Facility. The project also included 24,000 SF of renovations to an existing Hangar.

The Delaware Army National Guard (DEARNG) have authorized the design of a new Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) Add/Alt. to be located on New Castle County Airport, New Castle, Delaware. The scope of AASF will be to construct an addition and renovation to the existing and will represent the growing Army National Guard campus. The current facilities are inadequate to accommodate personnel and inadequate to house the fourteen UH-60 (Black Hawk) Aircraft and one C-12 fixed wing aircraft.

The current AASF Complex includes the existing AASF and the existing Duncan Armory, and all maintenance, storage, airfield, and allied shops to support the helicopter fleet as well as administrative and support space for full time personnel and the reserve unit.

The goal of the Delaware Army National Guard and the Design Team was to achieve a LEED Silver Level for sustainable design and energy efficiency for the new components of this facility. The existing facility was also improved for energy efficiency to the maximum extent practical.

Delaware Army National Guard
Hangar & Maintenance Facility

Paragon Engineering provided re-lighting of the hanger and maintenance areas and new electrical distribution for this existing facility. High bay, quartz re-strike, pendant mounted, metal halide lightning fixtures where used to light the hanger area to increase visibility. New electrical circuits where strategically add to facilitate maintenance and provide power for tools. Battery powered emergency lighting was also provided.

Delaware Army National Guard

Various Projects

  • DEARNG – Office Heating System Design
  • DEARNG – AASF MEP Building Assessment
  • DEARNG – OMS-1 – Facility Lighting
  • DEARNG – USPFO – Renovations
  • DEARNG – Range Hood Replacement
  • DEARNG – Bethany Beach Site – A/C Units
  • DEARNG – Delaware City – A/C Replacement
  • DEARNG – Bethany Beach – Trailers
  • DEARNG – BBTS – Signal Power
  • DEARNG – Above Ground Fuel Tanks
  • DEARNG – Welding Exhaust System
  • DEARNG – STARC – Electrical Study
  • DEARNG – USPFO – Data Center A/C Replacement
  • DEARNG – USPFO – Office A/C Replacement
  • DEARNG – Welding & Paint Shop
  • DEARNG – STARC – Electrical Design
  • DEARNG – Shops – Underground Utility Replacements
  • DEARNG – Bethany Beach – Dining Area A/C Replacement

Building 639

Paragon Engineering provided mechanical and electrical design to replace the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system for a two office facility of approximately 50,000 square feet. The work included demolition design of the existing system and replacing with a variable air volume HVAC system consisting of several air handlers, variable air volume boxes with hot water reheat, distribution ductwork, diffusers, registers, and grilles. The cooling system design included an air-cooled chillers, pumps, and piping. The existing high temperature water system was maintained for heating, but new piping and pumps were provided on the low temperature water side of the heat exchanger as part of this work.

A new direct digital control system was provided for the mechanical equipment.

The lighting was also replaced as part of our design.

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