Parking Facilities

Christina Crescent Parking Garage

This project consisted of a new five-story, 1,140 vehicle, public parking garage located in the riverfront area of Wilmington, Delaware. PEC provided design for fire protection, storm water drainage, domestic water distribution, HVAC for the office area, ventilation for the stairwells, lighting, electrical power and emergency power. The fire protection system consisted of a dry standpipe system. The loop piping for the standpipe system was routed underground around the perimeter of the building to avoid extensive core drilling of the structural system. The lighting of the garage was done with pendant mounted metal halide fixtures. Bollards and LED lighting for handrails were used to light the park area adjacent to the building. A gas fired emergency generator was provided for emergency lighting and emergency power for the elevators.

Union Hospital Parking Garage

This 450 car parking deck integrates pedestrian and vehicular access to the hospital campus and the town’s Main Street within a well functioning, attractive, durable and cost-effective facility that improved the overall parking conditions on this rapidly expanding campus.

Riverfront Parking Deck

Design of an 80,000 square foot, 1-1/2 story, open parking deck for approximately 450 cars.

MBNA Atlanta Parking Garage

Design of a 355,000 square foot parking garage. The design included parking for approximately 1,000 cars with 1-story of enclosed parking and 3 floors of open parking.

Three Mill Road Parking Garage

New office building for commercial leasing (45,000 sq. ft.) for Rokeby Realty in Wilmington, Delaware. PEC designed HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, including water source heat pump system, fire protection, and distributive, digital energy management and control systems. The project also included a 2-story open parking garage below the building.

MBNA Bracebridge Complex
International Headquarters

This project included the design of four office buildings totaling over 1,200,000 million square feet and four parking garages providing over 2,000 structured parking spaces. The parking garages are located in the lower levels of each office building and are connected by pedestrian bridges.

MBNA Southern Regional Headquarters Phase II
Boca Raton, Florida

Design of a three-story office addition and atrium connecting to an existing building. This project included a six-level open parking garage totaling approximately 188,000 square feet for 500 cars.

MBNA Rockland Operations Facility
Rockland, Maine

Design of a one-story office building totaling approximately 123,400 square feet with two levels of parking below totaling approximately 261,400 square feet.

MBNA Customer Contact Center I
Newark, New Jersey

Design of a new, three-story office building totaling 60,000 square feet. A parking garage was constructed under the entire site with two additional floors of above grade parking adjacent to the new office building. The parking garage totals approximately 80,000 square feet.

MBNA Customer Contact Center II
Newark, New Jersey

Design of a new, four-story office building totaling 109,000 square feet with an additional single floor of underground parking below. The parking garage totals approximately 27,000 square feet.

MBNA Crozier Complex Parking Garage

Design of a two level, 1200-car parking garage.

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