W.L. GORE & Associates
Cherry Hill Manufacturing Addition

Paragon Engineering Corporation provided services for a two floor 70,000 sq.ft. manufacturing addition and a 5,000 sq.ft. office addition to W.L. Gore’s Cherry Hill Facility. The lower level houses a mechanical room, shipping/receiving and production support space. The main level houses clean rooms and production areas.

The mechanical room houses two 225-hp, low pressure, steam boilers with space allocated for a third. A steam to hot water heat exchanger and pumps provide heating water to the HVAC equipment serving the additions. The steam boilers provide steam to the entire facility as the existing steam boiler was decommissioned as part of the project.

Ten air handling units from 12,000 cfm to 65,000 cfm were installed. Air handling units utilize steam preheat coils, chilled water cooling coils and hot water coils. Steam humidifiers, located in their supply air ductwork provide space humidification. The shipping/receiving area and office addition are served by variable air volume (VAV) units with hot water coils at the VAV terminals. The production support space is served by fan coil units utilizing chilled water and heating water.

ISO 8000 clean rooms (17,000 sq.ft., 13,000 sq.ft. and 3,000 sq.ft.) require constant temperature and humidity control (40-50%RH). A 600 sq.ft. clean room, requiring 62°F space temperature, utilizes a low-temperature chiller. Cascading space pressures were provided while maintaining an overall differential pressure of 0.06 w.g. between the clean rooms and surrounding production area.

The facility’s chilled water plant was upgraded as part of the project. A new 1,000 ton water-cooled chiller and two 500 ton air-cooled chillers were added to the existing system while converting the system to a primary/secondary configuration. A new cooling tower was provided to support the new 1,000 ton chiller and existing 600 ton chiller.

A central vacuum system was provided for general cleaning as well as compressed air to serve the clean room’s equipment. A 150 hp, water-cooled air compressor and associated air dryers, storage tank were provided and connected to the facility’s existing compressed air system. Heat-less air dryers were provided for outdoor compressed air use.

A 20,000 cfm process exhaust system, with redundant fan, was provided to meet facility’s production equipment exhaust needs. The exhaust system utilizes variable exhaust air terminals to control and measure air flow while optimizing fan operation.

GE Aviation
Ceramic Composite Products, LLC
Tow Coating Expansion

MEP engineering design services for expanding a coating process. The expansion included renovation of a 3,000 square foot area in the facility. The area was conditioned with a 5,000 cfm gas-fired heating, DX cooling, packaged unit located on the roof.

The area was provided with various utilities (natural gas, compressed air, chilled water, process water, potable water and nitrogen) required for the new process equipment. A sump with pump and neutralization tank was provided to allow the process waste to be safe for sanitary discharge. Tepid water was provided for serving eye washes and safety showers.

W.L. GORE & Associates

Complete Mechanical and electrical design for a new 130,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and office facility for W.L. Gore’s Appleton Site in Elkton, Maryland. The system utilized 1300-tons of water-cooled chilled water generating facilities, heat recovery, 600 HP of steam generation, humidification, constant and variable air volume distribution systems and high efficiency filtration systems.

W.L. GORE & Associates

Complete mechanical and electrical design for a 15,000 sq. ft. addition at W.L. Gore’s Building No. 3 at the Elk Creek Site in Elkton, Maryland. The design accommodates 30,000 cfm of makeup air for process exhaust. The design also included a high pressure, atomizing water, humidification system.

Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials
Buffing Pad Dust Collector Design

Paragon Engineering Corporation provided the mechanical and electrical design to install a new dust collector for extracting dust particulate generated by the brushing of buffing pads manufactured by Rohm and Haas for the use in the microprocessor industry.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Provided all electrical engineering, design, specifications and documents to fully detail the complete installation of the Jet Mill, DPP, and Velovac.

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